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Rowan Mellor


Joint Ought

Philosophy and Public Affairs (forthcoming)

Early view: 

What Are We to Do? Making Sense of 'Joint Ought' Talk

Philosophical Studies (forthcoming)

Co-authored with Margaret Shea

Pre-print version:

Faces of Vicarious Responsibility

The Monist


[A paper arguing that theories of team reasoning cannot account for normative reasons to cooperate]

[A paper proposing that joint reasons can be understood as premises in joint reasoning] 


[A paper defending the view that individuals have no reason to avoid collectively harmful acts]


[A paper arguing that the value of personal autonomy consists in the importance of being guided by certain kinds of reasons for action]


(see my CV for a full list)

What Are We to Do? The Semantics and Ethics of the Joint Ought

  • Chapel Hill Normativity Workshop 2023

  • Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress 2023

Joint Ought


  • Berkeley Workshop in Law, Philosophy, and  Political Theory 2022

  • Humboldt Normativity Conference 2022

  • Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress 2022

Team Reasoning: A Dilemma


  • Social Ontology and Collective Intentionality 2022

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