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Rowan Mellor


Joint Ought

Philosophy and Public Affairs (forthcoming)

early view: 

What Are We to Do? The Semantics and Ethics of the Joint Ought

Philosophical Studies (forthcoming)

Co-authored with Margaret Shea

Faces of Vicarious Responsibility

The Monist


‘Why Cooperate? Team Reasoning, Participation, and Unwillingness’

Argues that theories of team reasoning cannot account for normative reasons to cooperate.


‘Skepticism About the No-Difference Challenge’

Defends the skeptical view that individuals have no reason to avoid collectively harmful acts.


‘Thinking Together: Towards a Theory of Joint Deliberation’

Argues that joint deliberation can be understood as a shared activity, through which individuals transition between attitudes together.


‘Diachronic Shared Obligation’

Considers whether present individuals can share joint obligations with as-yet non-existent future individuals.


‘Choice, Alienation, and the Value of Autonomy’

Argues that the value of autonomy consists neither in the value of choice, nor in that of non-alienation, but rather in the importance of being guided by certain reasons for action.


(see my CV for a full list)

What Are We to Do? The Semantics and Ethics of the Joint Ought

  • Chapel Hill Normativity Workshop 2023

  • Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress 2023

Joint Ought


  • Berkeley Workshop in Law, Philosophy, and  Political Theory 2022

  • Humboldt Normativity Conference 2022

  • Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress 2022

Team Reasoning: A Dilemma


  • Social Ontology and Collective Intentionality 2022

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